Design lead: Bing maps/Mobile/ VR-AR. Under the leadership of Blaise Aguera y Arcas I led a four year charter that included the design development of symbolic and photographic maps as well as the Photosynth technology. I took special interest in Photosynth because of it's system potential for intimately mapping our world with photographic content, and connecting that to the larger scale map. The elements we shipped spanned across projects like the web releases, Win8 panos, the new brand, and mobile applications. In 2014 Photosynth took ordinary photographic capture to the 3D construction level with immersive capabilities  Images  -   Video.

Bing Maps

Design Lead: Bing maps.  Strata Labeling and portal concepts shipped early 2014 on Windows 8. We shipped the Strata Labeling which is the 3D transparency and scaling nature of the labels that solved orientation, legibility and continuity problems in the mapping space. Portal concepts were also part of that effort and they linked to the Photosynth brand and allowed a magnifying glass like affordance to transport into that space. I drove an effort that landed a unified set of design principles across Windows, Bing and Nokia organizations.  Rom Impas and a very small design team and myself designed and delivered this effort as the as the Crystl map style.


Responsible for the camera design for the series 7 phone, photo hub, and photo sharing/viewing experiences. I was part of the design team creating the new modern look and principles that were being developed at this time. Mapping concepts from these mobile photography designs influenced the Bing team to adopt the direction and completely retool Bing UX for mobile search, Maps and Photosynth.  Slideshow

Senior art director: 2009. I provided brand guidance and designs across the product lines working directly with the owners. We also designed the company customer facing site and video content.  I managed the design team including graphic designers, illustrators, web and mobile designers as well as outsourcing needs. The daily flow consisted of tending to the steady stream of the authors titles, trade shows and advertising needs.  Images   -   Video


Dreaming up worlds, traditional watercolors, and illustrative patterning. Slideshow


Designs for web, personal devices, print and more. 


I believe motion is an integral part of modern design, from presentations and prototypes and final products. Example here